Safe and Just Police Interactions


Policy 6: Bans on Bias Based Policing

Anti-profiling measures prohibit officers from stopping or targeting people based on their race, religion or national origin. Bias based profiling by law enforcement is not only racially discriminatory, it also erodes trust between communities and police, unnecessarily involves victims of profiling in the criminal justice system, and can have dangerous, even deadly consequences (as seen in the case of Eric Garner in Staten Island). Moreover, there is no evidence that bias based profiling is an effective law enforcement strategy. Read more »


Policy 7: Consent to Search

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives all Americans protections from unreasonable or unjustified searches. People stopped by the police have a constitutional right to deny requests to be searched, if the officer lacks legal cause. However, many people stopped by law enforcement don’t know they have the right to refuse a search and are never asked for consent, when consent is required. Read more »